About Love on the Stars: 

Timeless  is the right word to start with. We are here just to create timeless photographs that never gets out of your memories, that never gets out of fashion, that can make your grandchildren nostalgic and where you can relive those moments each and every time. To be simple, our vision is to craft those memory books which remains classic nevertheless of time & fashion. So if your'e in need of flashy over processed gimmicks that just fades away as time passes, this isn't the right place for you. And, if you need those memories that'll always cherish, we are just  one click away .

 Why us? 

We are driven by a team of passionate photographers, cinematographers, editors and finally our team work shapes the entire memory of your wedding with utmost dedication and sincerity.


 What do we offer? 

Our packages includes candid wedding photography, wedding film, outdoor shoots and traditional services too. 

For further enquires  contact us .

 About Vishvanth

My exuberance of life started in this journey. It means a lot to me when people enhearten my work. It begun just like that. The passion towards photography was my culmination. Now I'm relishing as a photographer and an admirer of nature behind my camera. Come join us for the enthralling experience.

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